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Flotilla sailing in Croatia from Zadar and Sukosan

Flotilla Sukosan

8 days: every Saturday from 1 juni till 14 september

15 days: from 1 juni till 7 september 



Sukosan marina Dalmatia - ideal for the Kornati islands

Croatia is without doubt one of the finest sailing areas anywhere. Our base in Biograd and Zadar Sukosan is an ideal destination flotilla because 2 of the great national parks, Kornati and Paklenica are nearby. The large bay where the town is located offers great unspoiled places to visit. The 15th century ruins of the Bishop of Zadar's cottage situated in a private cove located in the bay or the beautiful sandy beaches. We believe that it has something to offer for everyone.

Stopover in this beautiful place

Our fleet of yachts located in the modern Marina Dalmacia is an ideal starting point to discover one of the most beautiful National Parks of the Mediterranean. The Kornati National Park has over 150 islands and 200 rocky coves and with an area of 200 m2 is located just 15 kilometres from our base. An unspoilt environment with pleasant winds insure those who participate in this flotilla will have an unforgettable experience.

You can easily reach Croatia by the airport of Split and the new motorway. 

For many years, Croatia is a popular holiday spot and especially for water sports enthusiasts. A long coastline with more than a thousand islands, the largest inhabited, the smaller uninhabited often only a single fisherman. The climate is excellent, about 30 degrees in summer. With stable weather and a good sailing wind. Maestral starts in the morning slowly and starts to blow up in the afternoon and then decreases again. Days with little wind you will have of course also. This situation can be varied by a strong wind from the southeast, the Jugo. This wind usually brings some rain. The Bora needs most respected, it is a very strong but usually short-lived wind from the mountainous coast. These conditions together with the large number of islands and rocks means that the area is a challenge for the more experienced sailor.

The water is crystal clear and the temperature is very pleasant. So it is a perfect spot to bring your scuba set along. The flotilla route takes you along a large part of the islands, fishing villages with cosy restaurants, and occasionally a marina. Even a trip across the river Krka to the impressive waterfalls is part of the route. However depending on the weather, the wishes of the participants or other situations, the program can be changed. Every tour can be different: a city tour with an emphasis on culture or just the tranquillity of a secluded cove and enjoy nature and a beautiful starry sky.

Here is a suggestion route, this provides a general route. Each time the route can change because of the weather and wishes of the participants which are involved, the available berths in a particular port, the flotilla leader has found a nice anchorage, and so on. The flotilla lead crew is Dutch.

The trip is basically planned for two weeks. Participation is also possible for one week.

Croatia - Sukošan
Description of "Kornati Flotilla"

havenDay 1 (Saturday)

From 17.00 hours the boat is ready for you. After this you can board and receive the formalities and instructions how to use the yacht. In the port is a small supermarket and a restaurant. Outside the marina you can also do shopping and have dinner. A common meal is the perfect time to meet with the other participants.

Day 2 (Sunday)mensen

After the "palaver" or "briefing" we leave for a not too long trip to Pakoštane. On the chart Pašman channel looks difficult to navigate but it is well buoyed. We sail along many islands and islets, and have the benefit of the buoys specially for the ferries. The total distance is about 12 miles. Your can sail a longer trip if you want. This is possible for most days. Along the way you can anchor for example for a swim in the crystal clear water or for a lunch break.

distance: 12 miles

boot achter bootDay 3 (Monday)

A longer trip to the village on the island of Prvi?. The tour takes us around the big island of Murter. North of Murter is a group of uninhabited islands with beautiful anchorages with good swimming and snorkelling. Prvi? has a sheltered harbour and a supermarket. We will eat at Mile, the owner of Punta restaurant. On the roof terrace you have a magnificent view over the islands.

distance: 17 miles

Day 4 (Tuesday)waterval

Prvi? is 2 miles from the mouth of the river Krka. The entrance is guarded by an old Italian fortress to defend the city of Šibenik. The first part of the river is often sailed, hereafter we use the engine and pass by a sort of canyon along steep banks to the marina Skradin. The water is gradually sweeter and in Skradin appears the first reed. We moor in the marina of Skradin. To visit the falls you can take a taxi boat. The falls are located in a national park where you can make a walk from about 1 1 / 2 hours through the beautiful countryside. In Skradin you can enjoy eating mussels. These are grown in cultures along the banks of the river.

distance: 10 miles

boten mensenDay 5 (Wednesday)

Our next destination is the island Kaprije, about 10 miles from the river mouth. Depending on wind direction, we can choose from different routes. (Please note the cardinal buoys west of the island Zlarin). The island owes its name to the production of capers that were grown here in the past. There are a limited number of berths at the peer but there is a large anchor bay. By Maestral it can be here a little restless, but by evening the wind usually dies. In the morning we have to wait until the ferry arrives because it brings fresh bread.

distance: 18 miles

Day 6 (Thursday)haven

From Kaprije, the trip continues to the Kornati archipelago, also a national park with many small islands. According to local stories, God had left a handful of stones and only had thrown here. The almost bare islands create a special environment. But there are coves with good anchorages in the summer where restaurants welcome their guests. In good weather we anchor north of the bay or Šipnate Levrnaka or use one of the mooring buoys laid down there. Here is a nice restaurant, good but not cheap.

distance: 17 miles.

bootDay 7 (Friday)

The lead crew heads now back to Sukošan. Now you have the choice to go back to the port or explore on your own the area. For example sail to the southwest side of the island of Dugi Otok with its steep cliffs, where you can sail right past (70 meters deep) and the beautiful and sheltered bay Telaš?ica.

Sukošan to approx. 15 miles

Week 2 for those who sail two weeks, unfortunately, the others go home

Day 8 (Saturday)haven

Crew change or explore the area. In the Kornati archipelago is plenty to see. This area was used for shooting the "spaghetti westerns". The remains of the sets are still there. For some of us the holiday is over. There yacht must be handed over and checked. If problems have occurred, report it please to the base manager so he can fix. For passengers leaving with a plain transfer is organised and for those who came by car you have the choice to drive the way back via the coastal road or inland motorway (toll).

havenDay 9 (Sunday)

After sailing through the Kornati or the bay Telaš?ica we sail into direction of Sali. On the quay are lazy lines to more. Between the islands you need to navigate carefully. In this area are a number of unmarked shallows, so pay attention! The trip goes through the Mala Proversa, a narrow passage between the islands and Kornat Katina. North of the island Katina is a passage, which is buoyed and is a little easier. In Sali we meet again and accompany the yachts with the newcomers.

Day 10 (Monday)haven

Up towards Bo�ava, 22 miles today. We sail north and pass Dugi Otok. By the funnelling effect between the islands I� and Rava the wind can sometimes blow quit strong. Underway you can spot the carved rocks where in earlier days submarines were hiding. Bo�ava is a pleasant holiday resort on the northeast side of Dugi Otok. The harbour is well sheltered except for the Jugo wind.

distance: 22 miles.

3 vrouwenDay 11 (Tuesday)

Our next destination is the island of Ist. Between Dugi Otok and Zverinac we sail in open sea. On the reefs on the north side of Dugi Otok lies the wreck of an Italian freighter that 20 years ago is stranded. We pass the island Molat and a number of scattered small islands. Ist is a popular village in the heart of the same named island. The largest port is on the south side where we can moor at one of the two piers. There are also a number of buoys, but the anchor bay provides enough space to anchor.

The distance is 12 miles from Bo�ava

Day 12 (Wednesday)boten berg

We leave the bay of Ist and bound for the island Silba or Olib, depending on the weather and how busy it is. The trip takes us around the Greben which is surprisingly green on this side.

  havenDay 13 (Thursday)

The destination for today is Muline, a quiet resort on the northern tip of the island Ugljan. Along the way there is ample opportunity for swimming or scubaing. In Muline we anchor in a spacious, open bay in front of the village or moor in the sheltered anchorage at Bay Pavlesina. From here it is short walk to Muline to have dinner in a nice restaurant that night.

approximately 20 miles away.

Day 14 (Friday)haven

Everything comes to an end, so now we really have to sail back. The last day leads us along the trip to the big city of Zadar, hosting marina Dalmacija. The old town of Zadar is worth visiting. The famous church of Sveti Donat or the colourful market. Also on the east side of Ugljan is ample opportunity to anchor or visit a port. Before entering the marina you need to refuel with diesel and then you can moor the boat. The journey is not over yet, during the last meal we can chat about the trip and enjoy the last night on board.

distance: 14 miles.

Day 15 (Saturday)

The holiday is now really over. The yacht must be handed over and checked. If problems have occurred, report it please to the base manager so he can fix.
For passengers leaving with a plain transfer is organised and for those who came by car you have the choice to drive the way back via the coastal road or inland motorway (toll).

This route is only a suggestion. Depending on factors such as wind, local circumstances, interests of the participants, the journey is ultimately determined by the flotilla lead crew.

Contact us and we will send you a free quotation on flotilla sailing in Croatia. You can also call 0031 6 20553904. Contact us if you have questions about flotilla sailing in Croatia. We sailed six years in Turkey where we lead the flotilla with pleasure. Starting summer 2011 we accompany the flotilla from Sardinia, Portisco.

Please note that in order to sail in Croatia it is a requirement that your skipper has a qualification equivalently to an RYA Day Skipper or higher. You will need to take the original of your sailing qualification with you and will not be allowed to sail without this.

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