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Charter your sailing yacht and come sailing in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the world's best sailing areas with very pleasant conditions. Wonderful temperatures, crystal clear water, beautiful anchor bays and "Bounty beaches". Please note, you better not charter a yacht during the hurricane season.

This period starts at the end of summer and early fall!

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Weather conditions.

In this area you can count on a constant easterly trade wind from 4 to 6 Beaufort. You can sometimes come across a tropical rain shower at sea, but fortunately they are usually of short duration.

Parts of the Caribbean are better developed in sailing than the Mediterranean because it meets the high demands of the North Americans.

It offers more variety in the winter than any other sailing destination. The providers are very flexible and you can choose the start or end day yourself and also the duration of your holiday. Only the Seychelles, Tanzania, Thailand and Great Barrier Reef in Australia offer the same type of sailing experience in the Northern winter.

Please note that the flights are long (at least 9 hours), generally expensive and there are direct flights to a few destinations - Antigua, Martinique, Cuba and Grenada. The other destinations require at least a transfer.

We offer the following Carribean sailing destinations:
- Antigua
- Martinique
- Tortola in the British Virgin Islands
- Grenada & the Grenadines
- Cuba
- Belize

We find Martinique a particularly attractive destination. It is easily accessible via Paris at a reasonable price, and the range of yachts is impressive and well-priced. Both French islands are less American and more European.

Cuba is also an interesting new option and you can come with a charter flight at acceptable costs. 

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