How we work

Working method and conditions GoFunSailing

Our role

We act as a mediator between the customer and the charter companies in the

whole world. This means that we are not the owner of the yachts.

Because we have been renting out yachts for years and we know many suppliers personally,

we can help you find the sailing yacht that suits your needs the best.

We ourselves have sailed in many sailing areas so we can advise what is the best sailing area

for you.

Our method


You are interested in a sailing holiday and ask us for a quote.

You will receive an offer from us within 2 days. If you are interested in one of the yachts then

we can take an option on the yacht without obligations.

At that moment this yacht cannot be booked by anyone else. You have time to book your

tickets or arrange other matters before you book definitively.

We always inform you know when your option expires.


You have decided to book your sailing holiday with us, how is this going on?

You confirm your booking with date, yacht and location by e-mail to us.

We confirm the booking with the charter company and you will receive the following

documents that we sent via email.

1. The invoice, which you have to pay immediately within 7 days 50%, the rest you pay 8

weeks before departure. Payment can only be done by banktransfer!!! We also pay this directly

to the charter company to ensure the booking.

On your invoice the date is mentioned that the second payment is due.

If you exceed the date, you are at risk that your booking will be cancelled. The supplier can

rent out the yacht to another person.

Always try to contact us in case of calamities.

We will notify you when your payment arrives at our account.

Example invoice

2. The contract with terms and conditions, you have to read this carefully, sign and email

back to us.

The contract and conditions are from the charter company of which we mediate the yacht. The

original contract will be signed at the base at the hand over of the yacht.

In the unlikely event that something is wrong with your boat during your holiday, you must

immediately contact the charter company. They will do their utmost to solve the problem as

quickly as possible. If you have problems with the communication we will help you with that.

Also if the problems are not solved we will mediate.

This must be done at the time of the problem and not after returning home. If you have

complaints about the boat, please contact immediately to the charter company, possibly take

pictures so that in a dispute a tangible proof.

We are not on site and can not judge this from a distance without photos.

The contract describes in how much time a problem / defect has to be resolved. If this takes

longer, you lose precious holiday time so ask compensation from the charter company.

This is only possible on site during the check-out, before you return home. After your return

home it is very difficult and our experience is that this never will succeed.

General conditions for Yacht Charter

3. Crewform, this is a list on which the data must come from all passengers. The port

authorities in the various countries require this.

Also fill in your mobile number on the crew list, flight details so that the charter company know

how late you will arrive at the base. This is taken into account in planning regarding the

cleaning and preparation of the yachts. We would also like to receive a copy of your

sailing license (digital if possible, a scan by email) so we can also send this directly

to the charter company, this saves time at the check in on the base.

Cancellation of the trip

We advise you to organise a cancellation and travel insurance.

Most charter companies have the following conditions:

Up to 8 weeks before departure you will lose your 50% deposit on cancellation.

After this you will lose the entire travel sum.

You can look forward to a wonderful sailing holiday and start with the


We have a packing list for you, a document that explains how to act on arrival (check in and

out) and you will receive 4 weeks for the start of your sailing holiday a holiday voucher with

information about all the details of the base.

Please inform family and friends with these phone numbers so they can get in contact in case

of an emergency.

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