Sailing in Sweden

Sailing in Sweden

Countless islands, beautiful nature!

Sailing in the fantastic archipelago of Stockholm in Sweden.

A sailing holiday in Sweden, what does that look like?

Sweden may be a destination you don't think about so quickly, but Sweden has a lot to offer. Thousands of islands, marinas and a rugged coastline where you can anchor in the 'Swedish way' at one of the many islands.

The anchoring usually goes with the bow to the shore and with an anchor at the back of the sailing yacht.

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Sailing from Stockholm

Countless Islands

Sailing in Sweden, endless days in the summer.

Enjoy the rich nature, rocks, beautiful beaches and picturesque fishing villages. If you like fish, you can indulge yourself in the fantastic fish restaurants.
Navigation between the many islands is an important part of sailing in Sweden.

Sailing mainly takes place in the months of July to September. A special experience is that it is only dark for a few hours in the summer, so you can enjoy sailing for an extra long time.
In Sweden there is a lot of sailing and therefore there are many harbors and marinas with good facilities all along the coast.

Super sailing area Sweden

The beautiful Stockholm archipelago seems endless, offering endless possibilities for the adventurous sailor looking to explore this jewel of a boating area.
Nearly 30,000 islands dot the seascape along Sweden's east coast, extending from the historic harbors and waterways of the city of Stockholm. The sprawling archipelago offers experiences for everyone, from adventurous sailing, hiking and exploring in remote, uninhabited wilderness, to modern fare by the fireplace of a rustic seaside cafe.
On all these islands you will find restaurants and bars and activities in the field of nature and adventure are offered. In short, the Stockholm archipelago offers a huge variety of experiences for the sailor and is located in a unique environment of Europe.
Today, 170 islands in the Stockholm archipelago (with no land connection or bridges) are inhabited, mostly seasonally by vacationers and people from Stockholm and the surrounding area with summer houses in the archipelago. Nearly 150,000 pleasure boats cruise the waters around the archipelago, and visitors are treated to a choice of over 100 restaurants and cafes.
The islands offer escape from the city to a pristine tranquility that only nature can provide. Clean water, pristine landscapes and fresh air abound in the archipelago, making these cruising areas so pleasant. View the current wind forecast for your sailing holiday in Stockholm Sweden here:

Culture in Stockholm

Sweden's capital, Stockholm, is spread over 14 beautiful islands, all rich in Scandinavian culture and history. Stockholm has a rich history and has been inhabited since the Stone Age, starting as a trading center for Vikings in the year 1000 AD.

Today Stockholm is one of the fastest growing metropolises in Europe. In Stockholm you can enjoy the old architecture and Scandinavian culture that has remained intact.

In the "Old Town" you will find a lot of history with country houses and old architecture. The area has many medieval streets and is absolutely beautiful. Stockholm also has many museums, galleries, and more than a thousand restaurants.

Itinerary from Stockholm

Day 1 From Stockholm to Grinda (position 59 ° 24,890'N and 18 ° 33,282'E)
Nice welcoming harbor located on the northwest side of the island of Grinda. There are 2 restaurants, showers and shops.

Day 2 From Grinda to Finnhamn (position 59 ° 28.9 "N and 18 ° 49.6" E) distance 12 nautical miles
Finnhamn is a small group of islands with many small natural harbors to choose from. The islands are full of trees and there are many paths through the rich flora. There is a small restaurant and small shop. The entrance to the harbor is quite narrow and there are several rocks to look out for. If you are coming from the South you should pass the red buoy in position 59 ° 28.883 'N and 18 ° 49.695' E East.

Day 3 From Finnhamn to Sandhamn (position 59 ° 17.297 'N and 18 ° 55.218' E), distance 15.5 nautical miles
Sandhamn is an especially popular destination during the summer. Here you will find something for everyone - fun restaurants, bars, mini golf, a spa and more. The best access from Sandhamn is through the marked channel between Sandön and Telegrafholmen.

Day 4 From Sandhamn to Malma Kvarn (position 59 ° 15,268'N and 18 ° 36,823'E), distance 12 nautical miles
Malma Kvarn is a small harbor with a small cozy restaurant. This overnight stay is usually rated very well by our customers. Sailing in is easy through Örsundet to the southeast.

Day 5 From Malma Kvarn to Utö (position 58 ° 57,911'N and 18 ° 18,716'E), distance 25 nautical miles
Utö is a larger port with many restaurants, shops and bars. It is a very popular destination for both Swedish and international visitors during the summer. Here it is possible to rent bicycles and discover the island independently.

Day 6 From Utö to Dalarö (position 59 ° 08'N and 18 ° 26'E), distance 15 nautical miles
Dalarö is a port with a few restaurants, café, golf course and sauna.

Day 7 From Dalarö to Wasahamnen, Stockholm / City (position 59 ° 19594'N and 18 ° 05.586'E), distance 24 nautical miles
Wasahamnen is located in the center of Stockholm. Here you will find everything - a wide variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, parks, museums, cafes and more. The green natural area of ​​Djurgården and lively Östermalm are both within walking distance!

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