Sailing Balearics, Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza

Sailing from Mallorca

Mallorca offers pleasant sailing with usually a nice wind. The marinas are not cheap and very full in high season so it is handy to plan your route well, also keep in mind that if you want to sail around the island there is little shelter on the western side. The two major advantages of the Balearic Islands are the cheap flights, and relatively short flight time, and the sea is much warmer than in the Netherlands!

Sailing from Menorca

Menorca is beautiful but there is a limited offer and the cheap flights are harder to find. An alternative is to rent a ship on Mallorca and cross over to Menorca. Sailing from Ibiza Ibiza seems to have the monopoly of motor yachts with a large fleet of prestigious ships from Sunseeker and Fairline in different sizes. Two small sailing rental companies have recently started and we have included them in our yacht offer. It is good to remember that the Spanish companies bring some of their yachts to the Canary Islands in the winter and interesting one-ways are possible at good prices.

Even more interesting are the one-ways to Cuba.

Things worth knowing about Mallorca:

There are 40 marinas in Mallorca and that is why it is very popular with sailors

Take a look at the port of Palma de Mallorca

There are 400,000 people living in Palma de Mallorca, which makes them bigger than Utrecht

There are more than 2,500 restaurants, ranging from typical Mallorcan to delicious Thai food or a star restaurant.

In the summer the sun shines on average 10 hours a day.
The water temperature is between 21 and 25 degrees
The air temperature is between 20 and 28 degrees
Wind conditions, average wind force 4

Many celebrities, from Agatha Christie to Claudia Schiffer, are devoted to Mallorca. Why? Because Mallorca has a great Mediterranean climate, rugged and charming landscapes, historic towns and hundreds of kilometers of coastline with sandy beaches, cliffs, villages, harbors and cave systems.

Sailing around Mallorca and Ibiza Below you can see a video of the beautiful superyachts that also sail around like in Sardinia

Sailing around Mallorca and Ibiza

Below you can see a video of the beautiful superyachts that also sail around like in Sardinia


Wind Mallorca

Mallorca's sea breeze is known as the Embat. This wind is locally formed and is the result of the daily warming of the land in contrast to the normal sea water temperature. The air heats the land so that the warm air will rise and the cooler sea air is drawn to the island. This means that the daily temperatures in the summer on the coast do not increase too much, provided that the offshore wind blowing into the Embat is not there. More information about the weather and climate on Mallorca can be found on the following website We have measured the wind ourselves during the season.

Mallorca wind statistics.

Flying to Mallorca

You can fly cheap and fast with Vueling, Ryanair and Transavia. The flights are available from Eindhoven, Brussels, Amsterdam, Groningen, Bremen and Weeze airport. Enough choice.

We have been leading our flotilla in Mallorca for 2 years and we are happy to help you to make a nice itinerary for you and give you all the info to have the best possible sailing holiday.

The Cabrera nature reserve is certainly worth a visit. If you want to spend the night there, it must be reserved 3 weeks in advance and that is not very convenient. It is much easier to visit Cabrera only during the day. Then you do need a free navigation permission. We can request that for you. We are happy to help you with all the info. 

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