Prepairing your sailingholiday

Prepare for your sailing vacation with our Check in and out

In this document you can read what is expected of you on arrival if you have rented a yacht. You will also find a checklist here on which you must check your ship before departure, which safety equipment is on board and items that are important for you to take with you. It is therefore advisable to print this document and to take it with you.

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What should I bring on a sailing vacation?

We have listed a number of important things for you that are handy to take with you, you can also keep this document as a packing list when you pack your travel bag.

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Required navigation licenses

Pay attention! Everywhere you want to sail you need a navigation license (ICC). If you want to sail in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy or in the other countries, at least one of the persons on board must be able to submit this license. Information about navigation licenses and the ICC can be found at the website of your local sailing school. 

More and more suppliers are making a check in video of their ships so that you can already prepare yourself at home. Below you can see such an example.

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