How does a flotilla work

How does a flotilla work?

A typical flotilla day 

We are frequently asked, especially by newcomers to flotilla sailing, what a typical day is like. This is a hard question to answer, as no two days are ever the same. However, this only adds to the attraction of flotilla holidays as every harbour or anchorage has its own characteristics. Every evening will have a different feel and as every sailor in the world knows, you never get two days' sailing conditions the same.
We can point out the main components of a day on a flotilla. The order in which they arrive depends on many things, not least of all your energy levels on any particular day.

Morning Briefing

This is your big chance to gain the knowledge and experience developed by our lead crews over many years. You will be recommended for nice places to stop, places to swim at lunch, places to avoid, shallow hard places, windy places and places to meet and eat the following evening. It's also a great chance to get help with navigation for the day, be it a new co-ordinate to head for, or a simple description of the third island on the left.


This sounds arduous and a chore but is in fact one of the joys of immersing yourself in a foreign country. We're not about talking popping down to Tescos here, more like debating if this one giant tomato will feed the family, waiting for the bread to cool down after emerging from the oven, or selecting a watermelon that will last you and all the boats on the flotilla for a fortnight. Your lead crew will give you first-hand guidance on what is available where and help you plan accordingly. Most harbours and villages have cafes and restaurant that will see a flotilla arriving and miraculously be open and fully stocked for breakfasts, lunches and evening meals. 

Leaving Harbour

Every sailor has stories of the worst harbour ever, and nightmares of anchors around propellers and furious fishermen. Frankly, we don't go along with this nonsense. Our lead crew won't let you get into trouble and will always use their skill and expertise to extract tangled anchors, un-knit mooring lines and help you on your way. Armed with a fridge full of fresh ice, your lunch and a recently briefed route for the day; you can enjoy looking forward to another exciting day afloat.


You may wish to keep sailing with a sandwich in one hand, the tiller in the other and a drink propped safely in the corner. Alternatively, anchor in a secluded sheltered bay, enjoy a pre-lunch swim and the range of fresh produce purchased this morning as you treat yourselves to a meal fit for a king. Follow this with a long siesta, knowing that the only sounds you will hear are the whisper of the wind and the gentle lapping of the water against your yacht.

Arriving in the bay

The anticipation of sailing into a new harbour for the first time is always exciting - How much space will there be? Will we be able to find good shelter? What's the holding like? This is all made so much easier when you see a familiar face from our lead crew guiding you in and ready to take your lines.


After a day's sailing, you always get a deeply relaxing and satisfying feeling when you are safely tied up. It's a great time to recap on the day's adventures, to try to get to the last chapter of your book or have a late siesta before the night's revelry. There's always something special about seeing the sun go down after a day sailing. Perhaps it's a respect for the sea, or perhaps it's the first gin and tonic with fresh pistachio nuts of the evening. A quick shower, either onboard or ashore, washes the day's salt away and leaves you refreshed and ready for the evening. 


Then it's time for the evening meal, and the day's biggest problem - do you have the calamari or the swordfish, the kebabs or the grilled chicken? And ofcourse, baklava is fattening, but never mind! As darkness falls, crews return to their yachts, or join parties on other yachts. If you're still feeling too hot, you can simply go for a midnight swim off the back of the boat; or stay on deck and study the stars. 

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