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Sailing in France, charter a sailing yacht in Brittany

Experience sailing on tidal waters!


Looking for oysters on the seabed where you sailed earlier, this is a very special experience and we can tell you that from our own experience because we have sailed here a lot.


Both North and South Brittany offer excellent sailing opportunities for those with a good knowledge of navigation. It is a challenge to sail on tidal water.


Micro Climate

In Northern Brittany sailing seems like that of the South West coast of England, perhaps known from a sailing trip with your own or friends sailing boat in the holidays. Due to an inexplicable reason the climate is warmer and the summer weather just a bit more reliable as soon as you come to the south of the Loire.


Short travel time

Although the prices of chartering a yacht are higher than in the Mediterranean, this is because the season is shorter. But the travel costs are considerably lower. The journey time is also shorter and if you travel with children there is less stress for everyone.


The area is full of islands just off the coast, small towns and sheltered anchorages in estuaries. You never have to sail long. For example, we have a base in Le Crouesty and there are six destinations from there less than 60 miles away.


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Sailing in France, nice weather in the summer but not too hot.

Besides the great appeal and beauty of the area, another advantage is that it is not as hot as several destinations in the Mediterranean. And the experienced coastal sailors can increase their knowledge by sailing on tidal waters.


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