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Flotilla from Athens Greece, sailing in the Saronic Gulf and Argolic Gulf.

1 week
2 weeks

20 April till 19 Oktober
20 July en 3 August

With our flotilla, departing from Athens the Saronic Gulf and Argolic are waiting for you. This area is characterized by a steady nice wind with occasionally a stronger wind. During the Meltemi this region is still navigable.

Discover the many islands in the vicinity of Athens

At anchor in a bay


This region lies east of Peloponnisos. Here you will find attractive islands of Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetsai, partly green and wooded, rugged and partly bare. Characteristic are the cypress trees on the hills and the natural stone houses with red roof tiles.

The islands have a turbulent history and have been in Turkish, Greek and Italian hands. The idyllic harbours and bays on the Peloponnisos are well worth visiting.

The average sailing distance in our flotilla from Athens on a day is about 15 to 20 nautical miles. Departure is from Kalamaki marina in Athens.

General day schedule
Sailing route SaronicIn order to join our flotilla, you need to be able to sail the yacht yourselves. If you have doubt or are unsure, we can organize a skipper for you. During the daily palaver of the flotilla leader you will receive all the information you need for that day: sailing directions, information about the ports and bays, and the weather. Of course you make your own plan and decide about your time of arrival and departure. During sailing there is enough time to make a stop at one of the many beautiful bays. There, you can stop for lunch, swimming and sunbathing. During the afternoon we enter the next port or bay. In the evening you can have a drink or dinner in one of the local taverns, if you like.

In our flotilla in Athens you can join for 1 or 2 weeks.

Saturday is changeover day and normally you can board around 17:00. After checking in, we can have dinner together. On Sunday morning is the first palaver and after that everybody starts to sail in direction of the first destination. The flotilla lead crew is Dutch.

The weather in the Saronic Gulf and Argolic Gulf.
Prevailing winds are usually thermally, for example they are usually caused by temperature differences between land and sea in relation to day and night. During the morning the winds start from variable directions (in the Argolic Gulf predominantly SE) and will reach to force 3 to 5 and sometimes 6. Towards evening the wind drops again and it is normally quit in the ports. Windless days are also possible.

The Meltemi period of strong north wind is in July and August. Because both the highlands around Athens as well as the Peloponessus have a sheltering effect, the meltemi wind is on average 1-2 Beaufort less than in the Cyclades. The Saronic Gulf is quieter than the Argolc and both are again quieter than the Cyclades.

Average temperatures Greece
June till in August are the hottest months. In May and September the temperature is somewhat lower, especially at night it can be a little cooler, but the advantage of this time is that it is less crowded. The water temperature in early spring is about 18 to 20 ° C, summer 26 ° C to 28 ° C and in autumn it drops slowly.

Please note that in order to sail in Greece it is a requirement that your skipper has a qualification equivalently to an RYA Day Skipper or higher. You will need to take the original of your sailing qualification with you and will not be allowed to sail without this.

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