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Flotilla sailing Greece, Lefkas and Preveza

1 week
2 weeks
6 July till 14 September
6 Juli till 7 September

Short daily distances, slight breeze and easy navigation
You sail in the area of Lefkada to Kefalonia with daily distances of around 16 miles. The wind is mostly calm and it will not be difficult to find the next destination.

Flotilla sailing from July till half September
You get if desired active support with the mooring. If you have problems along the way you can get in contact with the flotilla lead crew by VHF. This route is sailed from late April to late October.

Dolphins in front of boat


When you'll join the flotilla each morning the flotilla leaders will explain on a briefing the route for the day and inform you about the expected weather. Then you plan your own time schedule. You can stay longer to explore the shore and town, or just leave and start sailing. Because the distances are not very long, it is possible to anchor in a nice bay and have a swim. You can also anchor in another place to enjoy a nice lunch. In the afternoon or early evening after a great day sailing, sunbathing and enjoying, you will arrive in the next village. You can decide where you want to eat!

The Ionian Islands are located on the west coast of Greece. The sea takes its name from the mythological Io being seduced by Zeus. Hera, the lawful wife of Zeus gets into anger with Io. When Hera sends a gadfly after Io, Io leaves to the west of Hellas. Because Io swims a lot, the sea is named after her.
Lefkas route flotilla


The area includes seven large and several smaller, often uninhabited islands. There are possibilities enough to moor. There are villages that offer peace and there are some places that offer more entertainment.
In the area where you sail are enough opportunities for swimming, snorkelling, relaxing and sunbathing. Lefkas Marina, one of our two home ports, is located in the heart of the Ionian Sea. Therefore you can make the choice to head north (Corfu) or south (Zakynthos).

Please note that in order to sail in Greece it is a requirement that your skipper has a qualification equivalently to an RYA Day Skipper or higher. You will need to take the original of your sailing qualification with you and will not be allowed to sail without this.

Do you want to go flotilla sailing in Greece? Contact us by email and ask for a quotation. There are also flotillas from Corfu.

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