Sailing around Rugen

Sailing in Germany

Around the island Rügen

Sailing in Germany

Sailing in the Baltic, around Rugen, a paradise for Sailors

Would you like to sail in in the Baltic?

Germany is maybe not the destination where you think about in the first place for your sailingholiday but the Baltic Sea has a lot to offer.

Picturesque fishing villages in beautifull bays, white beaches and also rough cliffs, the Königstuhl with the famous white cliffs like Dover. The villages have a very romantic architecture, the promenades and the pier are breathtaking
Stralsund, the island Hiddensee, there are many nature reserves to find. We recommend this sailing area for all sailors.

 Wind and weather around Rugen

Weather and climate
Rügen has an everage climate. In Summer the temperature is around 22 degrees and in Winter between 0 and 10 degrees.

Best time to travel
July and August are the best months to sail aroung Rügen. In these months the weather is perfect for sailing.

German is the official language on Rugen.

Official name: Rügen
Surface: 926,4 km²
Capital: Bergen auf Rügen
Highest point: 161 m (Piekberg)
Distance (Amsterdam – Bergen auf Rügen): 609 km

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