Sailing around Corse

Charter a sailing yacht in France and sail around Corsica

Corsica is a legal part of France but historically insecure because it is French, Italian or neither, just herself. Corsica is a destination that is wrongly underestimated by many sailors. Exclusive and therefore not cheap, but interesting to discover.

Excellent sailing conditions, deep azure water and white crescent-shaped bays are characteristics of the coast of Corsica. You can sail around Corsica itself or to nearby Sardinia, or cross to the Tuscan mainland to visit the 'temporary' house of Napoleon on Elba.

The unspoilt, rugged mountain landscape of Corsica itself and the deep shady river gorges provide a magnificent view from the beautiful anchorages that you will find along the way. Inland, the Baroque churches and fortresses from Genoa provide a glimpse into the fascinating history of Corsica.

The scenery of Corse is fantastic
Combination with Sardinia is possible
Beautifull anchorages
For the experienced sailor

Sailing in the north of Corsica

Sailing to St.Florent
The port in Saint Florent is located at the end of Cap Corse, "the finger of Corsica". It is like a diamond in a ring, it is rather small but very organized, with a fuel station on the quay at the end of the north pier. Saint-Florent has nice, narrow streets along the sea and the center is well organized, the days on the shore pass by fast, especially during the evenings with restaurants and bars of every genre. The coast is beautiful and wild, but there are no safe shelters and there is no protection against the Mistral.

Sail to Calvi
The northwest of the island is full of well-organized beaches with different charasteristics. (to be seen the beach of Brodi near l'Ile Rousse) In the mountains you can find some refreshment and villages with beautiful panoramas. Calvi has its own charm: the port, the old town, its ideal location and beautiful beaches. The small town is a gem with a variety of beauties: a big old town, narrow streets and a long beach next to a pine forest. The port has capacity for 180 yachts, and offers all facilities.

L'Ile Rousse
L'Ile Rousse is another seaside resort on the coast. The name comes from the red rocks north of the city. It is fun to walk around in the shade of the centuries old plane trees on the Paoli square or to play pétanque on the Grande Place full of date palms. There are a number of small villages inland. These are a nice destination to take a look. Tip: Walk around the market, then take a walk along the sea in Marinella and visit the local coffee factory where people make coffee in an old way.

The tourist port of Macinaggio at the top of Cap Corse is the last port for the crossing to the mainland. Macinaggio is surrounded by beaches, 3 small bays in the south and north the beaches of Tamarrone and Santa Maria and the nature reserve of Capundula. The nature park can be traversed through the "sentiero del doganiere". A real paradise for a day in nature.


 We offer sailing yachts from two bases:

Start your sailing holiday in Ajaccio or Propriano.

Our base in the capital Ajaccio is easily accessible by its airport. Propriano is more to the south and is a slightly better starting point to experience the sailing pleasure that this island can offer you.


Sailing to the south of Corsica and neighbouring Sardinia

Bonifacio a port that you should not miss!

Gods could not give a better gift to Corsica than Bonifacio! A white ship ready to leave the country and sail to the sea. The charm of the narrow streets leading to the Citadel. Fascinating is the access to the harbour, from afar it looks like a split in the white limestone rocks, but in the fjord there is a meander where yachts stop when the harbor is full. After this you will enter Bonifacio!

Tip: visit the Citadel especially on a windy day. 

Here you can watch a video of the Spectacular entrance of Bonifacio.

If you prefer to sail in a flotilla it is possible to join our flotilla from Sardinia. Have a look at the info of the Flotilla


Sailing in the Maddalena archipelago (also belongs to Sardinia)

The island of Caprera is part of the Maddalena Archipelago and is connected to La Maddalena island with a bridge. It is a nature reserve area. You can walk and climb to the top of Monte Teialone and Poggio Stefano and have a beautiful view of the archipelago. Around rose granite rocks, a beautiful landscape. Cala Coticcio is on the eastern side of the island. It is a small and narrow fjord. Southeast lies Cala brigantina, a narrow bay that is protected by the rocks. South you can see Punta Rossa, the beaches of Cala Portese, Porto Palma and l'isoletta del Porco. A must is also Cala Garibaldi, where the famous hero landed to visit his house. In the north there are beautiful beaches that can not be reached through the country such as Cala Napoletana, Cala Serena and Cala Caprese. Interesting to visit on the island is the house of Garibaldi, currently a museum.

Isola di budelli

Budelli is part of the Maddalena Archipelago and is known for the legendary "Spiaggia Rosa" ("Rose beach"). The coral-colored sand, the color of the sea and the shape of granite rocks that form the image are a unique spectacle in the world. A natural monument that must be observed with religious silence.

Isola di Spargi

Southwest of the island of La Maddalena, there are many small coves with crystal clear water, including Cala Corsara. This is one of the most beautiful and from here you can sail along the east coast. Then you will find many small bays, Cala Soraja, Cala Granara, Cala Conneri, Cala Canniccio and Cala Petranera. At Cala Grana you can moor and go ashore. Via a narrow street you can quickly reach the forts of Punta Zanotto. A mile north is Washington Reef, an unforgettable place for diving.

La Maddalena

La Maddalena, the main town of the islands is a small town, crossed by carrugi (Genovese name of the narrow streets). Through them you climb to Cala Gavetta. In the city you will find all kinds of shops, restaurants and pizzerias. If you want to spend an evening here you must make a reservation, especially during the period of July and August. The island has many beaches: Spalmatore, where you can attach to a mooring buoy: Cala Francese sheltered from the wind, just behind Cala Gavetta. Another marina is Porto Massimo, in the northern part of the island.


It is a beautiful bay, just behind the marina of Porto Cervo. It is protected against the Mistral, and when the wind blows, the marina is usually full. The landscape is beautiful, two beautiful sandy beaches and on the hill the famous Costa Smeralda's villas with their green gardens. In an hour sailing you can reach Portisco and the Gulf of Cugnana. A beautiful sailing area in the south of Corsica.

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