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Sailing in Italy, a destination not to ignore...

Sailing in Italy, a destination not to be underestimated
Italy is one of the most versatile and attractive destinations in Europe. The culinary gourmet cuisine of Italy is a paradise. Experience the world of "cucina italiana '!

The landscapes and the people are fantastic. All four major sailing areas are served by budget airlines.
This makes it a cheap option, but beware this is not true in August. This is high season and prices can rise a lot.

Good breezes, great food and a wide choice of itineraries make Italy a perfect destination for a sailing holiday.

The four different sailing areas are: Tuscany, Bay of Naples, Sardinia and Sicily. Each has its own character.

Sailing in Tuscany is the least known by Northern European sailors but offers a combination of sailing with a visit to the inland wonders such as Pisa and San Gimignano. There are appealing islands just offshore, Elba is one of them. Both Sardinia and Corsica are also within reach and invite you to explore and sail.

Sailing in the Bay of Naples is quiet and the distances are modest. This is a trip for those who want to combine sailing with perhaps a visit to Naples and Pompeii, or a trip to Capri, or visit the Amalfi coast. You can also do it all in just over one week. Now that's what we call versatile.

Sardinia is one of the fastest growing destinations, and customers who have been there love it. Note in August is very busy! Then Italians celebrate holiday and the prices are high. However, this area is very unique and exclusive, so it's definitely worth the price. NEW is the flotilla that starts from Portisco, click here and go to the flotilla from Portisco

Sicily offers not only its spectacular coastline, magnificent Greek ruins, but also the volcanic Aeolian Islands. The season is the same as that of Turkey or the Greek Dodecanese with a summer that starts in mid May and continues until mid-October.

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