Enjoy the sun or relax in the shade.

The choice of the yacht is only limited to your imagination. Imagine having a luxurious dinner while you’ll experience the best sea view and sunset.

The only thing you hear is the calm sound of water and nature.

What is a Gulet?

A gulet is an all wooden motor sailing yacht built for cruising the coasts in the calm warm waters of the Mediterranean.

These yachts are built to center life on deck during the charter. Spacious decks and housing a large (usually) aft half mooned shaped dining and lounging area are their main features.

The number of passengers a gulet carries varies, according to size, between 8 and 16. On a 17 to 25 meter boat, that is quite a breathing space for each person considering that every passenger has private quarters and jointly used decks, saloons, etc. are quite spacious.

A gulet can best be compared to a small hotel afloat. There are double berths in each cabin and occasionally, upper bunks. Every cabin has its and shower. The crew sleeps and uses the facilities in their separate

Common quarters include a large saloon, a fully equipped galley commanded by a cook, lots of uncluttered deck space, sun mattresses strewn all over to laze on while tanning. Round sterned gulets have a mattress covered perch in the aft that is called a "pigeon's nest", the most comfortable place to lounge or nap on the boat, protected by awnings. Unlike a bareboat, which is often limited in water supply, a gulet offers the chance to wash off the salt after every swimming party, as it takes up to 3 tons of fresh water.

Fantasic Anchorages
Super Service on board
Wine tasting possible on request
Fully charge yourself on board or a gullet

Choosing the vessel

- the more important is not the year of build but the technical condition of the vessel.
- The price for rent depends of the gulet size, its comfort and equipment on board.
- The electricity voltage at the vessel is 12-24-220 V. So, you should warn the Captain if you decided to take a notebook, electric razor ora player with you.

What you need on board

- your photo camera first of all!
- Common form of dress at the vessel is a swimming suit. You also need to take a sport shoes for food walking, and also the clothes for cool evenings in some seasons.
- Do not forget a towel, one more swimming suit, sun cream, sunglasses, beach shoes and a hat.
- If you wish to spend a night at the deck, you need a sleeping bag.
- During your trip you will have a time to read, so do not forget your favorite book.

Private Gulet Charter, a Floating Dream

Book your private gulet to share the remerkable experience of Private Charter with your family or close friends. Incentive gulet tours with no fixed itinerary, generally following classical routes with modifications to accommodate individual schedules or desires. Venture through time to paradise that emraces the mysticism of the east, timeless treasures of nature and history and inspring culture. This paradise has to be experienced to be believed!

There are literally hundreds of classic and modern sailing yachts based in the mediterranean coast of Turkey. A luxurious, well-appointed gulet offers the disceming traveler a holiday that is guaranteed to satisfy in every respect.

The choice of yacht is only limited to your imagination, as is to some degree, to the choice of itinerary and your budget.When you hire a gulet,you are free to make up your itinearry as you go along. Your crew acts as a valuable advisory source and can guide you to some of the area's lesser-known treasures. If you prefer you are welcome to use on of our “tried and true” sample itineraries, or have us create an original itinerary based on your expactations for the voyage.

Private Charter Gulets accommodate 6 – 8 – 10 - 12 – 16 people. Hire your gulet, according to the size of your group and special desires. In some private Gulet voyages full board provision for your group is included, as well as crew services, and harbor fees. While in other private voyage arrangements you hire a specific gulet, including crew services and harbor fees.

Meals on board are especially good and freshly prepared, including a variety of fresh salads, fruits, grilled meats, local fish and Turkish specialities. Afternoon tea is served with biscuits or cakes (for detailed information , please visit "Menu Types & Details" on the main page.. 

Cabin Charter 

Gulet cruises cabincharter

Cruise your cares away and start making new friends of your fellow voyagers! If you can not get a group together so as to take your own yacht, you still have the oppurtunity to join one of our cabin charter voyages. Apart from private charters, we also ofer voyages on a shared-gulet basis for individuals, couples and small groups.

Every day, more and more people are discovering the pleasures of a cruise holiday. Here below you may find several common reasons to prefer cabin charter holiday;
The price of your cruise includes all of your meals and crew services. All onboard activities, as well as snorkeling and fishing. You will find a gulet is a floating dream, with all the things a fine hotel has to offer and more. You will meet new friends and share new memories.

Avoid the worries of having to make dinner or show reservations. No packing and unpacking. A cruise allows you to lie back and be completely pampered. Enjoy fabulous cuisine and one great sight after another. 

Gulet charter cabin is ideal for your first sailing experience and singles or small groups not wishing to charter a full gulet. Voyagers on these tours may be from different many other countries, which only adds to the interest and enjoyment. Cabin charters are available on our overnight, 3 and 7 daysvoyage programs. Our charter departures are on every Saturdays from Marmaris.

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