Zakinthos, Paxos, Corfu

Flotilla sailing Greece, in Zakinthos, Paxos, Corfu, Peleponessos

Flotilla sailing is ideally suited or you as sailing in Greece and the type of mooring (with anchor) is new to you. Flotilla sailing in Greece also means that every morning there will be a briefing with all the skippers. You will hear the destination of that day, the wind forecast, the beautiful bays on route, shallows and other areas to take care of and so on.

You don’t sail in a pack like ducks, but you leave what time you want yourself. All flotilla guests and the lead crew will meet in the same final bay in the afternoon after a day of sailing, snorkeling, swimming. What time is up to you!

Intermediate sailing
Many nice anchorages
medium winds
Fun for the whole family

Flotilla sailing Greece

How does it look like?

Flotilla sailing in Greece offers a lot of freedom, fun and a helping hand with mooring and leaving in the morning

The lead boat of the flotilla leaves normally the last and will be at first again in the next Greek town or bay for you to assist with the mooring. Onboard the flotilla lead yacht are normally no guests so you can always rely on them!

Once moored, there is time to discuss your experiences while enjoying an "anchor beer”. And ofcourse, you can join if you like in the evening for a shared meal in a Greek tavern. But nothing obliged, it's your vacation!


Average temperatures Greece

June till in August are the hottest months. In May and September, the temperature is somewhat lower, especially at night it can be a little cooler, but the advantage of this time is that it is less crowded. The water temperature in early spring is about 18 to 20 ° C, summer 26 ° C to 28 ° C and in autumn it drops slowly.

Please note that in order to sail in Greece it is a requirement that your skipper has a qualification equivalently to an RYA Day Skipper or higher. You will need to take the original of your sailing qualification with you and will not be allowed to sail without this.


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