Gulet Cruises in Croatia

Private charter: Particularly ideal for groups of friends or numerous families wishing to book the entire ship for an exclusive cruise

Cabin charter: Suggestions for singles, couples or small groups with the opportunity of meeting new friends and new adventure companions

Great fish restaurants
Fantastic Croation ports to visit
Lots of time to swim and snorkel
Super service on board

Croatian and Montenegro coasts

Between Zara and Dubrovnik there are many charming routes and sailing among the numerous islands of this coast is really a marvellous experience. Also the shorelines of the Montenegro are the ideal for the cruises on gulet, with the wide bays, the National Parks of Durmitor and Lovcen, the ancient cities like Kotor that thanks to their architectonic works and buildings are Patrimony of the Unesco.

We organize cruises in this geographical area, on board beautiful “Turkish Gulets”, very famous boats in Turkey, where they have been appreciated for many years for their “Blue Cruises” . They are wide shooner motorsailers entirely made of wood containing wide double cabins with private bathrooms, and outside weather decks, suitable for sunbathing, while the stern provides a wide space shaded by canvas, where the guests gather to have lunch.

The day on board starts with an abundant breakfast, then the anchor is raised and it is time to leave. Within a few hours of navigation it is possible to reach quiet bays where guests can stop for a swim or for lunch. The afternoon is normally devoted to free time: sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, land excursions, walking or visiting typical villages.
On return to the boat you will find a refreshing cocktail and, later, a delicious and plentiful dinner. Full attention is paid to food and our chefs make use of fresh products, which are purchased at the local markets.

Sometimes the ship will moor in the ports of small villages, in order to buy provisions for the ship’s galley, to let passengers go shopping or to have dinner in a typical restaurant. Passengers’ days will often end in quiet small bays under fantastic starry skies. Our crew are always at your disposal in order to make your cruise as pleasant, relaxing and safe as possible.

Routes in Croatia

The most famous and highly suggested route for your cruise is the one along the stretch of coast going from Istria to the Dalmatian Islands, finally reaching Dubrovnik. The navigation along this coast allows you to visit islands, beaches and bays which would be otherwise inaccessible by land.

Another impressive cruise is which leaves from Dubrovnik and continues in Montenegro. This is a week dedicated above all to the culture, since the Montenegrin cities of Kotor, Perast and Tivat represent true and just an artistic and cultural patrimony. Some churches and buildings even go back to 12° the century d.c. Moreover some remnants testify the presence, in past, of several various populations like Romans and Illiryan.

Information and tips about the cruise

Foreigners entering Italy are requested different documents and visas, according to the country of origin. Before departure it is better to ask to the Italian Consulate of your country for information to this regard. For the European Community citizens it is sufficient to have a valid passport.
The passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after entering the country.

For the customers of the "cabin charters" arriving independently at the boarding it is suggested to phone the ship-owning company some days before the departure date of the cruise (you can find the phone number in the holiday voucher), in order to have the name of the boat and all the necessary information to find it at the appointed port.

The captain will explain to you on embarking the cruise program.

It’s important to know that:

- Because of meteorological conditions, safety and logistic reasons, it is possible that the Captain can change the cruise program.
- For your own safety it is important to respect the security norms on board and the indications of the crew during navigation and mooring.
- For hygienic reasons you have to take of shoes before boarding and these can be kept in containers or kept in your own cabin. On board you can use slippers of rubber shoes with a clean sole. The use of sun towels is recommended when you lie down on the sundeck, especially when you use sun protection lotion.
- It is normal to limit the power consumption and turn off the lights of your cabin when nobody is inside. Also be careful with the use of water because the amount is limited.
- Do not throw anything to the sea and paper or other things in the toilet. The pumps can block and then it is impossible to use the toilet.
- Like in a hotel you can buy drinks at the bar on board and these have to be paid before disembarking by cash.
- Is strictly prohibited to smoke inside the cabins and in the common areas.

On board you can use 220 Volt electric current to recharge your mobile phones, etc…,
and you will find bath towels (there are no sun towels, shampoo and bath foam).
We suggest to bring some useful items with you like: a sweatshirt, sunglasses, plastic shoes for swimming, a cap, sun creams, mask and flippers.
Soft suitcases are easier because they can be folded inside your cabin.

For travelling to Italy it is not necessary to do any vaccination. But because of the different climatic conditions and the change of food, we suggest you to bring with you some proper medicines to use for possible disorders.

Time difference: + 2 hour respect the London time.

If you are satisfied with the service, it is a polite custom to leave the crew a tip at the end of the cruise.

Do you need any help?

Or would you like personal advice?

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