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Sailing Holidays in Greece

Explore a different island every day on your sailing holiday in Greece.


Greece and its islands have always been the dream of many cruising yachtsmen, and Greece still has the largest fleet of charter yachts in Europe, despite the heavy competition from Croatia. 
Yachting in Greece really needs to be divided into a number of regions, each of which has its own character and advantages. Starting from the North these regions are:
• Corfu and the Ionian 
• Athens & the Saronic Gulf 
• Athens & The Cyclades 
• Skiathos and the Northern Sporades 
• Kos, Samos, and the Dodecanese 

The first two offer excellent sailing with generally moderate winds, ideal for a first charter holiday. There are also a few power yachts for charter there, but not at the other three because they are really too windy.

The Cyclades are what most people imagine as being "the Greek Islands", and are decidedly windy with open seas, and really best suited to those with considerable sailing experience. 

The islands that make up the Northern Sporades are also windy but there is more shelter, and the area is more off the beaten track than the rest of the sailing in Greece. 

The Dodecanese is also Meltemi country but is sheltered as well. We have bases in Kos and Samos - the latter is charming and wrongly neglected by charter customers.

One thing to bear in mind, is that as well as the endless ferries zipping around everywhere, there are now low-cost flights to almost everywhere from the new Athens airport.

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