Yacht charter British Virgin Islands
Very well organised sailing area
Harbour masters are very helpfull
Summer weather in our winter
Beautifull nature

Charter a yacht with or without skipper or a hostess

Many of our yachts are excellently equipped to dive from the wide bathing platforms and have walk-through sterns. We can also arrange a skipper / hostess for you to better discover this underwater paradise. The British Virgin Islands are known for its original coral reefs with an abundance of tropical fish. For the wreck divers there is a true paradise with a post ship that sunk here a hundred years ago.

The British Virgin Islands are considered by many to be the perfect destination for sailors renting a sailing yacht for the first time, with its calm sea, constant trade winds and navigation on view. Experienced sailors will also experience the wealth of visiting different islands including the coral island of Anegada. There are hundreds of anchorages to discover in the BVI. Mooring buoys for overnight stays are available in many places and there are many attractive beach bars and restaurants around the islands.


We recommend the “Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands” as a good investment to plan a trip before your arrival. This book offers aerial photos of all the anchorages, detailed information about restaurants and shore facilities as well as a fold-out map on which you can draw your trip and save it as a souvenir. You will find a reference copy on your ship and you can also purchase a copy on our base.

Try to come here for two weeks. Getting to Tortola is not easy and you usually have to change once, often in Antigua.


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Sue Barlow

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