Sailing Seychelles

Yachtcharter in the Indian Ocean!

Visit Mahé, Praslin, Silhouette, La Digue en two dozen smaller islands

Sail to Mahé, Praslin, Silhouette, La Digue and two dozen smaller islands

The fleet is not very large but very professionally managed by one of our partners. They welcome you to this beautiful natural paradise.

You sail on open ocean so basic experience is necessary. The sailing area is limited to the inner islands. If you want to go to the Amirantes, this is only possible upon request. The area contains the four most important islands; Mahé, Praslin, Silhouette, La Digue and two dozen smaller islands. The beauty of the islands will surprise you:

• granite rocks polished by the sea, beautiful white sandy beaches

• amazing equatorial flora and fauna with special species of birds, animals, fish, trees and flowers 

• natural treasures: sea turtles, coral reefs and seabird colonies


Sailing the Seychelles

The Seychelles are one of the few places on earth protected against pollution. Humans have only been on the Seychelles for 250 years and have not yet damaged nature.

The political government carefully protects the environment. You can discover this untouched heritage aboard your yacht, just like the 18th-century sailors who have done this before.

It is not a cheap destination, but the cost of renting a yacht is not extraordinary. If you keep the large flight distance in mind then the cost of the trip is also not extreme.

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