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Sailing in the Saronic Gulf, overlooking the Acropolis.

Athens & Poros
 Kalamaki Marina, near Athens, is our base for Saronic Gulf yacht charters. It is the gateway to one of the two quieter sailing areas in Greece. Perhaps best enjoyed - like so many of our destinations - away from the holiday month of August, the Saronic enjoys generally moderate winds and very attractive scenery, mixed with sophisticated small towns like Poros, Hydra, and Spetses.

Chart AthensTrue there is a considerable risk of anchor chain knitting in Hydra in particular, and mooring in Spetses is never that easy, nonetheless 
• Aegina 
• Epidavros (for the ancient theatre) 
• Poros 
• Hydra, and 
• Spetses 
represent a magnificent collection of places to visit within a 7 day cruise. 

Plan a relaxed sailing holiday in the Saronic Gulf south of Athens with reliable winds and a good variety of islands to visit.


The Saronic Gulf is due to its proximity to Athens - the main yacht charter area in Greece. Apart from the location but also the rich history of ancient sites as Epidavros, Sounion, Poros, Aegina and Methana tourists and sailors are attracted to these waters. Most charter yachts are based at marinas along the coast of Athens, where the majority operate. By this quantity of yacht charter companies many yachts sail the same route to Aegina, Poros, Hydra, and so on. To avoid this you should pass by these places at the start of your holiday and sail to the east coast of the Peloponnese, where pristine harbours and anchorages are waiting for you.
The western coast of the Saronic Gulf is mostly mountainous with a ridge running parallel to the shore (600-900 m) and rising to 112 m near the Methana peninsula. The mountains are barren, but less densely wooded areas.

Wind in the summer
The strength of the wind in summer is highly dependent on where you are. During the summer the Meltemi winds are normal in this area. Along the coast of the Corinth Canal to Cape Sounion and the region between Methana and the mainland (Attica), winds of Force 4-6 are blowing from NNE - NE. The wind is less strong in the vicinity of the Methana peninsula and Poros, while near Cape Sounion they might be stronger. Moreover, the Meltemi is in the area less frequently than in the Cyclades.
The coast at Athens is largely mountainous and barren, and contains about 60% of the industrial activities of Greece. Especially around the island of Salamis and the port of Piraeus you will find this. Glifada between Piraeus and the coast is built with high-rise apartment blocks, more than one third of the entire population of Greece lives in Athens. This modern architecture of Athens clashes with the old buildings and treasures from the history.
Athens - Kalamaki (no longer right under the landing runway) is our main base for bareboat charters. 

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