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Flotilla Sailing Sardinia

Sardinia is a fantastic sailing area. From half June till half of September you can join our flotilla in Sardinia. On 20 July we only have a 2-week start. So on 27 July you cannot start for one week. NEW now also a 2-week flotilla on the 31th of August.

This 2 week flotilla is a SPECIAL to the South Coast of Corse. The combination of 2 countries in one flotilla is very special. 

If you like to join 2 weeks in another periode it is also possible because there are different Itineraries.

Here you can get a foto impression about the south coast of Corse that we visit in the 2 week flotilla

Flotilla Itinerary Sardinia Corse

Itinerary can change depending on the winds

Underneath you can find the Garibaldi route

This is one of the routes you can sail.

Sailing itinery Garibaldi, sailing in North Sardinia 1 week – 93 miles.

Portisco -> Santa Teresa di Gallura -> Portisco


The Garibaldi route is a classic sailing itinerary for relaxing and sailing, suitable for both small and large yachts. Most of the sailing takes place under the shelter of the islands in the Maddalena Archipelago. That is why we recommend this route also for less experienced crews. The average distance is 16 miles per day. 

cala beach1° Day : Portisco - Cala di Volpe – Golfo Aranci (15  N.M.)
The first day will be a relaxing cruise to get used to the yacht. We leave Portisco in the morning and sail in a northerly direction. After 3 miles we anchor in Cala di Volpe, this bay is characterized by a long beach and the famous hotel with the same name. The bay is very sheltered for the wind, and this is why this bay is also used by many large yachts. From here we sail to Golfo Aranci, directly around 10 miles away and enjoy 2 hours sailing. Golfo Aranci is located at the entrance to the Bay of Olbia. Aranci is a quiet fishing village located in  a beautiful bay with white sandy beaches. From the bay, you overlook the island Tavolara, an impressive rocky island that rises from the water. Ashore you can enjoy a delicious meal in a fish restaurant and is an opportunity for shopping. 

2° Day: Golfo Aranci -> Caprera (20 N.M.)
After we leave Golfo Aranci we sail north along the coast where the famous marina of Porto Cervo is situated. After Capo Ferro with the lighthouse on top of the cliffs, we turn west to the beautiful island of Caprera. The distance is about 20 nautical miles. We continue sailing and anchor in Cala Porto Palma in the south of Caprera. The high contrast of the crystal clear blue water with the pink of the rocks will surely delight your eyes. We stay the night in the bay where two sailing schools are located and provide sailing courses. There are moorings in the bay that you can use or drop your own anchor. The holding for the anchor is very good. 


3° Day: Caprera -> Santa Maria -> Santa Teresa di Gallura (20 NM)
Leaving from here you will sail south of Caprera and Santo Stefano, north of Capo d’Orso; this cape is known for having a rock bear-shaped, which shows itself having it at the south-east. After Santo Stefano you will head in northerly direction and sail between Spargi and La Maddalena. The entrance to the bay of Santa Maria is characterized by a surfacing rock (reef) in its middle. You can pass either left or right. This island is one of the northernmost tip of Sardinia, the bay has crystal blue waters and good anchoring sandy bottom; right of the beach there is a small jetty where boats can not moor but you can use the dinghy. Santa Maria is the only minor island inhabited in the summertime. Sailing to Santa Teresa di Gallura will be about one and a half hours, distance is about 10 n.m.. The natural fiord with the harbour is deep and the marina has been recently renewed. The village offers some great views on the Bonifacio sound, and one of the traditional activities is the coral fishing and manufacturing; so many shops offer coral made articles and jewelry.  

4° Day: Santa Teresa di Gallura -> Lavezzi -> Cala Liscia Ruia (18 NM)
Lavezzi Island is 6 n.m. away from S.Teresa di Gallura, about one-hour sailing. The best bay here is Cala Lazarina in the South-West side of the island. Study carefully the charts before approaching the spot. There are no inhabitants here but some cows and donkeys; they are not dangerous, even if bringing some kind of upset and confusion, especially among not well-informed tourists lying under the sun. On the back of the beach, there is the cemetery where the crew of the French frigate Semillante is buried which sunk on these rocks on 1885. Lavezzi is one of the most beautiful islands in the whole area. After lifting your anchor start sailing between Spargi and Budelli and you will be again into the Arcipelago della Maddalena. After 12 n.m., about 2 hours, you will reach Cala Liscia Ruia. The bay is beautifull and provides safe shelter from any wind except South, South East and East. Take care about the surfacing rocks on the left of the entrance. 

boat 5° Day: Cala Liscia Ruia -> Cala Corsara -> Cannigione (13 NM)
After your way out of Cala Liscia Ruia you can sail to the island of Spargi, where you can moor after less than 1 hour and 4 n.m. in Cala Corsara. This bay is characterized by smooth granite rocks, crystal waters and white sand; it is a good shelter from the Mistral. In the afternoon you can sail between the islands of the Archipelago della Maddalena, heading for Cannigione. It is 9 miles away located in a natural deep fjord at the end of the Gulf of Arzachena. In this bay are various beautiful beaches and anchorages. We moor in the harbor and you can explore the village. 

6°  Day: Cannigione - Isola Mortorio -> Portisco (15 NM)
Leaving Cannigione you will head first North and later East / South-East, going beyond Porto Cervo and entering the Gulf of Congianus, from which you left the first day. The island of Mortorio is well famous for its wild landscapes and seagulls together with clear crystal shallow waters: many movies have been taken between here and Cala di Volpe. Isola Mortorio is 3 n.m. east of Cala di Volpe. The most beautiful anchorage is on the southwestern side of the island. A wonderful place to enjoy a wonderful week. There remain only 4 nm between you and your destination: Marina di Portisco.

This route is easy to sail yourself if you're an experienced sailor. But if you like good compagny and share the fun it might be nice to join our flotilla. If you click the menu flotilla Italy you can read more about it.

Please note that in Italy you need a sailing license to rent a yacht.

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